2024 Conference

ISTF 30th Annual Conference - February 2-3, 2024

Integrating Climate Change and Biodiversity for Resilient Tropical Forests: A Holistic Approach

See the 2024 ISTF Conference registration site for the full schedule.  

The Yale ISTF Chapter is dedicated to the advancement of tropical forest studies at the Yale School of the Environment, formerly known as the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. The ISTF conference has been hosted at Yale for 30 years and addresses a range of socio-ecological issues across the tropics. The ISTF 2024 Conference is a unique forum that unites academics, practitioners, policymakers, community leaders, artists, journalists, and activists from across the globe. Our shared purpose is to explore the intricate relationship between biodiversity and climate in tropical forests. We will delve into the manifold of ways in which biodiversity interacts with and contributes to human communities, transcending the conventional carbon-centric climate discourse. Our commitment is not just to highlight the importance of biodiversity, but to envision actionable steps for the future.